NASA released a satellite image of India from the evening of the festive holiday of Diwali, the celebration of lights

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if we got all the cats in the world to meow at exactly the same time how loud would it be

Well the average cat meow is like 65/75dB (above speaking volume but below shouting) and there are about 2bn cats in the world, so, by that math, 130-150bn dB. Which is about 100 million jets taking off at once.

catastrophically loud 

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Pacific Northwest Winter Hike, Feb 02


Sphaerodactylus nicholsi, from Puerto Rico,one of the smallest geckos in the planet. (x)

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most important post on this website

I don’t care what kind of “blog” you have

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“The closer he looks at the child, the less he sees … The more he looks at it, there’s nothing there. He fears that the more you look at him the less you see. There isn’t anything there.” - John Hughes

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